#LifeInDuality : Dating| NOT for the monogamous

CAUTION: BLACK GIRL DATING Wikipedia: Dating is a part of the human mating process whereby two people meet socially for companionship, beyond the level of friendship, or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It can be a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by the couple. While the term has several meanings, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. DATING the Great Debate According to Wikipedia (I know I know …

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#LifeInDuality : The Tangled Web We Weave

What a beautiful disaster you and me … Angst and pleasure. The tangled web we weave. A masterpiece of deceit. The lies we tell ourselves in order to believe They say be careful what you ask for because you just might get it I was asking for the pleasure and in the pain I found it now I’m addicted like a masochist… Each kiss deeper in distress. I’m drowning somebody help me but not too quickly the love is all I know it’s sustaining and killing me. The blessing and the curse. The chapter and the verse … Proverbs of …

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Sea of Intimacy (guest spot by @drinksonant )

It felt like I was floating through time Weightlessly drifting downward  gently submerged in an unidentifiable sea I felt I hadn’t taken a breath in weeks but I was alive and full of energy I felt the subtle pull of a little something and I heard a drum most reminiscent of a heart beat As I was listening I sensed the presence of another being and as I turned my gaze into the depths of this nothing I noticed you noticing me and I swear that moment was everything I noticed the smile you couldn’t reject I noticed your control …

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Why Can’t I Love You? (Guest spot by @drinksonant )

Why can’t I love you? When I was a child I used to ask myself what is love, until I found out. I found out that God is love and love is good. After some time I found you, and the things I’d seen made me believe you agreed.  If love is good then why do you run from it? That’s something I just can’t get. I mean I do it’s hard, harder than running. You see my God told me what love is and I just happened to believe it. He told me love is long suffering and kind …

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#LifeInDualityVideoChallenge – Q1 What Would You tell 14yr old YOU?

#LifeInDuality Writing Project- January: Secret Fantasies

Writers were given the topic of : Forbidden Love or Secret Fantasies Writers were asked to weave in threads of a “Handcuffs” ” Honey” and “The Color Red”  as their muse Below you will find links to all the pieces for the project… will our writers find the release they’re looking for from their Forbidden Fantasies? “Another Day at the Office” – @CuzImARenegade “Honey” – @KnowbodysTweets “Deja Vu” – @DrinksOnAnt “Red Light Special” – @ItsMsCoCo       Tweet Tweet to ItsMsCoCo

Queens do Queen things ( Guest Spot by @MissB_Applebum ) #LifeInDuality

Queens do queen things But were in a world where Bad bitches are the thing And our men sing That’s the only thing they like Well if that’s what our men like That’s what we become right ? Wrong See what u like And what I’m trying to appeal to Are two worlds apart What I’m tryna lead you to I’m doing with my heart Not getting attention With my body parts And those who do I’m not knocking u You know what & who you appeal to But that’s another topic for another day But anyway What I’m tryna …

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Meet The Writers: Evan Smith (@KnowbodyTweets)

Questionnaire Answers – Evan M. Smith   I was born and raised in Rockland County, New York. Since then, I bounce around the globe writing wherever I travel to. I wrote real short stories as a kid. I would get lost in my own stories and feel as if I lived each and every one. It became easy to escape to my own universe after a while. I have different processes for different genres of writing. I’ll lay down for poetry, do free writing to warm up for fiction, and before I write music I’ll listen to one out of …

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Meet the Writers: Samantha (@CuzImAReinegade) #LifeInDuality

Name: Samantha Reine Where are you originally from?  Atlanta, GA Who/What first inspired you to write? I found it as a way to clear my head. I’ve kept a journal since I was in middle school. I keep everything in there from thoughts to love letters to poems. Writing is where I can truly be myself and express myself. Do you have a writing regiment or system you follow to get your writing done? I freestyle just to get my thoughts on a topic out of my head, and then I go back and make edits once I’m done to …

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Reverie – Guest Spot by @HarloHaven

Reverie Slow, tingling drip. I feel it slide warm and wet down my inner thigh. I catch it on my fingertips and lick every drop. The sensation heightens all of my senses and I inhale. I am thinking about her again…A fire burns in the hearth..a flame flickers between my legs as I reflect on how her mouth felt closed around my nipple. My fingers find that same flesh and squeeze. Electricity races thru my body unchecked. My back arches just slightly and I exhale… A memory taps the edges of my consciousness and my skin awakens. A kiss at …

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#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires: Red Light Special

I sit in the darkness and I think … I want her to touch me there. Afraid to speak. I change the music on my phone … Light illuminates the room Briefly I’m paralyzed I imagine what it would be like … Us getting lost in the kitchen Enveloped in the lust Bare asses caress marble counter tops … We’re tasting Whipped cream so cold nipples peak Chocolate syrup overflowing you can barely speak Down to the tile … Eagle spread allow me to trace story lines up your thighs … I want to taste your honey Syntax intact catalyst …

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