Love By Design- Guest spot by @DrinksOnAnt

Love By Design- Guest spot by @DrinksOnAnt

Love by design

I left home to find you
Search your soul
tend to your scars
Time beckoned me
You and I aren’t too far apart
So let the frequency of your energy sing to me
Bring me gently into your captivity
And when I find you
Allow me to surrender my entirety
Continue to entice me and
Receive the fullness of my sincerity
I’ve searched relentlessly
AssuredlyLove by design blog pic
I’ve prepared for a journey in your company and
when I find you
You’ll see you in my eyes
You’ll see fire that won’t die
And in the very place where day and night collide
I’ll find the pieces of your broken heart and bond them to mine
And at that time
You’ll see love by design

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