I’m trapped in the shadows of my own neglect

Imprisoned by design, the rebellion of my mind
My heart beats… so… s l o w l y at times I’m afraid that it’s gone.
Lost in a place I’ve driven myself to.
Nothing seems the familiar yet everything’s the same.
WHERE THE FUCK AM I? And who gave me this name?
This face, these hands they all seem the same.
But something is not right…. No something has changed.
This is not the person I remember me to be.
It’s like I woke up and found that I had abandoned me.
So now I’m alone without even myself.
Like a thief came in the night, I wasn’t even there to protect myself.
Left a Ransom note in a language I can’t read.
Now I don’t even know what it takes to set myself free.
And it’s like its right there, so fucking close.
I can hear the music but I can’t make out the notes.   
You… hey you there do you read this language, can you set me free?
Or wait you.. You look like a hero; will you help me rescue me?
No somebody just find me a teacher; teach me this language you speak.
So I can learn the words to set myself free.

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