Marvins Room

Marvins Room

I was sitting on a plane a couple weeks ago having a drink. Well actually a few drinks. Those little nip bottles are so irritating they make you feel like even more of a drinker than you already are, because you have to order at least 3 to get a decent buzz! So I’m on nip number 3 and I’m listening to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”. I’d been telling myself for weeks that I should write a remix… everybody else has seemed to remix it, so why not? I actually have every version I could find on my phone, so I have them all in rotation as I begin to write, The third verse comes to me first… which is weird. I’m usually a linear writer. Anyway, I get the third verse down then the chorus comes to me and a first verse. After that its like my mind went completely blank. Or most likely I was just tired of sulking and feeling bad for myself. So needless to say the 2nd verse has never been written… and probably never will. If you haven’t heard it, first of all what rock have you been under? If not, you can you tube it so you can get a feel for what the song is all about. I will probably just add the video to the blog anyway, because I feel like the song represents how I feel about a certain time in my life. For the life of me I still can’t figure out why the song is called Marvins Room???? But without any further ado…


I’ve been drinking all night
Way too Much Patron
Feeling like I’m wandering
Just trying to find my way home
Yeah I know its been a year now
But I’m still trying to figure out
How the hell we lost touch
Boy I thought we were in love…

Fuck that new girl that you think you love
You just ran to her boy because we broke up
I said, Fuck that new girl you gave your last name
When I heard that news… Well
Damn near went insane

I’m just saying that you can do better
Yeah I fucked up
But I was trying to be better
I’m just saying with me you had better
You know I rocked your world every time we were together

(insert verse 2)

Boy that’s fucked up
You left me broken hearted
Drinking so much got me acting retarded
Drunk dialing all of the Men in my phone
Just trying to find someone to take me home
Not that I always need someone with me
But tonight I’m tired of being lonely
I’m missing the way
That You used to hold me
So I need someone to come set me free
So tired of being in captivity
I’m screaming for help
Can you even hear me
Keep trying to tell myself I should move on
Everything we had is so dead and gone
But every time I get a cup of Patron
I start to  remember that I’m all alone
I’m in here mixed up
Talking like I’m crazy
Wishing you would pick up
Wishing I could come home
Boy its been so long

Fuck that new girl that you think you love
You just ran to her boy because we broke up
I said fuck that new girl you gave your last name
Swear when I heard that shit I damned near went insane




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