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Project Desire: “Desire… as told by the Savage” (guest spot by @TrollingAssTru ) #LifeInDuality

Desire …as told by the Savage The heart, so indecisive in what it truly wants, places us in such difficult positions. This is where desire comes in. It’s a nice catalyst that allows us to weigh what is important. What you truly want over anything else. You want it so bad that there’s a need […]


Discovering My Sexuality (Part1): My Orgasm Matters Too!

I was talking to a good friend of mine recently. We were discussing her trying to juggle being a mother of two small children, a full time career and still be the vixen she needs to be for her man. She was telling me that she could go months without sex and not even notice. […]


Entitlement vs Entitlement: the gift and the curse

So I woke up one morning with a sobering and humbling reality check: Just because you’re a good woman doesn’t mean he has to love you. I started to think about the idea of “Entitlement” and it seems that it is both a gift and a curse. ENTITLEMENT: because I know my worth I know […]

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