Flavor #1 – The Dater

Flavor #1 – The Dater

I have this theory that most Single Gals need more than one man in their life. Think about it… how is it humanly possible for just one person to give you everything you need? Most men aren’t willing and out of those who are… their means, availability, intelligence or overall sex appeal prevent them from doing so. For the Single Gal, life is like a Baskin Robbins… 31 Flavors and you’re bound to find a few you like…




All Women should have one of these. This is the guy who makes weekend plans with you at the beginning of the week… not the day of. You go to dinner, the movies, live shows, etc… Now he’s usually not your typical “stud muffin”, but he’s not so dreadful that you can’t be seen in public with him. Most of your girls know about him…   but NO ONE in your family does. You enjoy his company, he makes your laugh and even makes your feel special. Problem is… he doesn’t make your panties wet.



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