• Reverie – Guest Spot by @HarloHaven

    Reverie Slow, tingling drip. I feel it slide warm and wet down my inner thigh. I catch it on my fingertips and lick every drop. The sensation heightens all of my senses and I inhale. I am thinking about her again…A fire burns in the hearth..a flame flickers between my legs as I reflect on […]

  • #LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires: Red Light Special

    I sit in the darkness and I think … I want her to touch me there. Afraid to speak. I change the music on my phone … Light illuminates the room Briefly I’m paralyzed I imagine what it would be like … Us getting lost in the kitchen Enveloped in the lust Bare asses caress […]

  • Project Desire: “Desire in the Desert” – @itsmscoco

    It starts out as a soft haze That thickens as the moisture increases… There’s something on the horizon… A slow rumble from somewhere far away… Something is coming Famine across the land It yearns for the moisture… The ground opens slowly in anticipation of the rain Please let the drought end Days are dry and […]

  • The Cafe (abridged version)

    I find myself taking a trip down memory lane…. Back to an exciting time in life. Years ago when pleasure was at an all-time high…   We arrive at the cafe which is tucked away near Michigan Ave. I get out of the car and immediately regret my wardrobe choice of the evening, the Chicago […]

  • In the darkness we dance

    Sometimes I sit in the darkness in an attempt to embrace the pain Lose myself in the nothingness, its Peace I hope to gain Don’t let me be master of my own fate. I’m unprepared All this time an elaborate illusion. A girl playing dress up And the nominee goes to …. ME BEST ACTRESS […]

  • Making Love Art (with audio)

    I want to be a Def Poet, so that no one can hear listen to the feelings my words evoke through your ears. I want to be a Blind Poet, so that no one can see Vision my story and take the Journey with me. I don’t want to write with a Pen…I’d rather paint […]

  • The Live Show

    …… The lights are still on. I pass the exotic cigar to my left. She nervously accepts. As she inhales I can see her asking herself silently “what did I just get myself into?” She holds her breath almost as an attempt to stop time itself… maybe to build up her confidence. She then invites […]

  • And Then There Were Three…

      Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest….     The music is bumping. The air is so thick I can feel it caress my skin as I make my way through the crowded dance floor. Face after face twisted in its own form of wicked pleasure… All these people indulging themselves in their desires. Grinding […]

  • “Thank You for holding, how may I help you?”

      Everyday I see Him standing there With his Chocolate self I imagine he smells like Cocoa Butter and Ganja He looks like his skin has been kissed by the sun His smile brightens my eyes Makes me moist Between my thighs   I fall into a daydream…. In this daydream we fuck until day becomes night […]

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