Kinktress – Guest spot by @MissB_Applebum #LifeInDuality

Kinktress – Guest spot by @MissB_Applebum #LifeInDuality

Don’t take my kinktress

For weakness

I’m not some over sexed princess

Do not let

How I express

My 140 characters or less

Fool you

Kinktress blog pic

When I say

These things

I’m in my marriage mind

The things I speak

Are meant for me & mine

Not every nigga on my timeline

So if it’s not for everybody

Why even speak

Because I won’t let you weak minded fools

Quiet me

Yes I am a queen

But I’m also a lioness

I prey & hunt on a daily basis

So let’s make a deal

Stay out of my mentions

And I won’t let my pack

Turn you into a meal

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