Sea of Intimacy (guest spot by @drinksonant )

Sea of Intimacy (guest spot by @drinksonant )

It felt like I was floating through time
Weightlessly drifting downward  gently submerged in an unidentifiable sea
I felt I hadn’t taken a breath in weeks but I was alive and full of energy
I felt the subtle pull of a little something and I heard a drum most reminiscent of a heart beat
As I was listening
I sensed the presence of another being and as I turned my gaze into the depths of this nothing
I noticed you noticing me and I swear that moment was everything
I noticed the smile you couldn’t reject I noticed your control the instant it left
And I think you noticed that I took my first breath
I wondered if you noticed that you were the sunset of my loneliness
The thing most hope for
A safe place to landsea pic for ant
I reached out my hand for certainty
Certainly our sense of touch would be the key to a divine alchemy or
A unity that retires father time and rewards us with our eternity
Internally we’d embark on a journey for lovers
Deeper into what was meant to be
It would feel like we were floating through time
Weightlessly drifting downward
Gently submerged in a sea of intimacy
We wouldn’t come up for air for weeks and we would offer each other our life and energy
Who knew a sunset of loneliness would invite a sunrise of vulnerability
A beautiful serendipity from a bit of hope
A beautiful heart singing the tone of my missing note

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