Project Desire: “Desire… as told by the Savage” (guest spot by @TrollingAssTru ) #LifeInDuality

Project Desire: “Desire… as told by the Savage” (guest spot by @TrollingAssTru ) #LifeInDuality

Desire …as told by the Savage

The heart, so indecisive in what it truly wants, places us in such difficult positions. This is where desire comes in. It’s a nice catalyst that allows us to weigh what is important. What you truly want over anything else. You want it so bad that there’s a need for it. You can’t live without it. Have to have it. And will do anything to get it.
Well you would have to be plum crazy to feel so strongly about something right? Not really. Life influences us so much. We’d love to believe that we are free thinkers but let’s be real. The desires that you so desperately want or need…? Well just where did that burning passion come from? Self inspired desire is something rarely seen. Allow me to be quite ignorant with my examples. Grain of salt people. Take one and let’s go for a ride.
Love. Seen it growing up or witnessed it firsthand and it seems so beautiful that we search aimlessly for that Mr/Mrs. Perfect to complete us. In that search we hurt so much and hurt others, in search of perfect love… All smiles and laughs. Partially filling a void that requires so much more than just love received from another person. We neglect the big picture and set eyes on that desire.Trushan Desire Pic
Oh I’m sure you’d sell your soul to the devil if he told you that he can grant your hearts desires. Hell, I would in a heartbeat.
But let’s not confine ourselves to such a limited scope of what Desire can be manifested as. Let’s discuss Friendship and companionship. On TV, we see it all the time. The Wood, The Goonies, hell even The Little Rascals all portray one common theme. Having a group of buddies that you can call your own. We’re bred from childhood chasing a desire for a genuine friend. Nothing wrong with that at all. However how far have you gone to get that one genuine friend? Did you ruin someone else’s friendship to get something similar?
Ah Desire… Such a fire that can be spun into whatever we want. I know this sounds negative. But I’m not finished. Grain of salt, I hope YALL still have the complimentary one cuz it’s a $3 charge if you lost it. Continuing on.
Let’s place a positive light on Desire. It’s simple really. What would life be if not the pursuit of happiness? How would you know what made you happy if you didn’t have that burning sensation in the pit of your belly? Unless it’s just some spicy gumbo, then you prolly got heartburn or something. Nevertheless! We desire what we feel would truly make us happy. And isn’t that what life is about? Being happy?
Whether it’s influenced or we think it up all on our own, that flame is sparked and we stop at nothing to ensure that flame remains burning. The want that turned into a need because of our ungodly obsession and lack of listening to others because we know what’s best for ourselves is what you would call Desire.

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