Things to consider before having a threesome with your partner

Things to consider before having a threesome with your partner

Things to consider before having a threesome with your partner (as a Woman)menage fixed

I’ve seen and heard quite a bit of debate and dialogue when it comes to the infamous ménage a trois. Kind of seems like society has a secret obsession these days with the idea of a two women in bed fawning over one another and some debonair and strong man commandeering them both. Yes, for the purpose of this chat we will be operating on the premise that our hypothetical threesome involves 2 women and 1 man, they are in a relationship and entertaining adding some spice. Because well frankly, I want to. There’s an entirely different set of considerations when all parties are single. That will be another chat for another day. Anyway, one day I’m on the Twitter and my timeline is discussing …… ass eating! No I’m kidding, threesomes… they are discussing threesomes. So based upon the most common reactions, concerns and topics; I developed a short list of things a woman should consider prior to agreeing to invite another woman into her bedroom.


Here We Go….
– Do you WANT this?

   One of the worst things you can do as a Woman is give your body to ANYONE when you don’t really want to. Engaging in ANY sexual acts that you are not completely sure about are bound to leave you scarred. Mess around and find yourself a pill popping alcoholic soccer mom all because you were trying to get nasty before you were ready…. For that, no one has the time.
– WHO is this 3some for?

Whose idea is this threesome? Is it yours? Is it your man’s? Did you see it on twitter and think it’s the new wave? Seriously, knowing why you want to have this threesome is key to figuring out if you REALLY want to have it.

If it’s for you. Do you have some secret curiosities? Unearthed enticements?

If the threesome is for your man… ask yourself this

Do I want to have a threesome because I think it would be an interesting experience for us? Do I want to have a threesome because I think it will help keep him?
– Have you laid out ground rules?

Sounds like ruining a wet dream huh? Like for real… Rules.. for a threesome? ABSOLUTELY. To all things in life there are Rules of Engagement. Getting a little naughty is no different. For this point we’ll use MY own personal set of rules I’m developing for if and when I’m presented with such an adventure.

  1. This threesome is about ME. I will be the focal point of this endeavor.
  2. I want to pick the other woman
  3. I don’t want my significant other to have any interaction with the other woman outside of specified “naughty time”. Meaning, I’ll make the meeting arrangements and he won’t be talking to her afterwards… won’t be no exchanging numbers, emails, twitter handles, IG names, zodiac signs… none of that shit.
  4. She must have a complete and full understanding that I will send her to meet Jesus should she try interacting with MY man without my explicit consent.
  5. I’m first… in all things (ya’ll know what I mean)

Now a few rules I’m undecided on:

  1. Condoms or no Condoms
  2. Him performing oral sex on her (don’t judge me…. I just don t know!)
  3. Complete stranger or recent acquaintance ( part of me kind of likes the strangers at a bar kind of idea… part of me feels like I may need to build a rapport with the other woman first)

– Will you be okay seeing your man give another woman the pipe of life?

   This is one of the most important things to consider… how will you feel when you see your man slide into another woman and she starts calling to the Lord? Will you be turned on watching him give pleasure? Are you going to want to scratch the other woman’s eyes out? You going to start screaming and throwing things? Will you change your mind and not want to continue?
– How will a woman pleasing you sexually will make you feel?

Have you thought about if you even want another woman kissing and licking and grinding all on you? When you think about it…. Does it excite you… or creep you out? What if you like it?
– Have you thought fully about pleasing another woman sexually?

   Ma’am I heard it’s not a real threesome if everyone isn’t fully involved. So NO you can’t have a threesome without tasting the yoni. So, are you ready for that? Are you ready to do to another woman’s body what has been done to you to send you over the edge?
-Will you be okay in the morning?

   It’s easier to talk ourselves into certain things under the cover of night. But when the sun rises, inhibitions return, endorphins calm…. How will you feel? How will you feel about yourself, your mate and your relationship? Don’t be the woman who wakes up the next morning and can’t look her man in the eye because she secretly despises him because she “did this for him”


That’s my time folks…. Feedback welcome.

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