The Cafe (abridged version)

The Cafe (abridged version)


I find myself taking a trip down memory lane…. Back to an exciting time in life. Years ago when pleasure was at an all-time high…


We arrive at the cafe which is tucked away near Michigan Ave. I get out of the car and immediately regret my wardrobe choice of the evening, the Chicago wind is unrelenting. I’m wearing a long-sleeved teal body-con dress and knee-high butterscotch colored boots with gold accents. I can smell the Chanel No.5 radiating off my body. I know I’m looking like 2 yesses and a few absolutes. All I can hear in my head however, is my mama saying “Out there trying to be cute, you gonna catch a cold in your coochie.” We walk into the café and it seems as though all of Chicago has had the same idea as me. The place is packed, standing room only. There were a few tables unoccupied but they were being reserved for the people smart enough to call ahead and reserve seating. We make our way to the back of the building and find one empty armchair. I sit down and Xavier takes the arm of the chair. We talked for what seemed like hours. About his career and my career. Stopping only when an artist voice silence us both. There was a British woman with the most soulful sound I’d heard in years, she caused me to stop talking mid-sentence. The ambiance was so warming and peaceful, with its low-lighting and intimate spacing. I watched Xavier passionately tell me about his goals and ambitions, licking his lips what seemed like every other word. He put his hand on the small of my back and I felt my Yoni contract. Something about his touch made my entire body shiver in delight. I don’t know if it was him or the sickening fact that a man hadn’t touched me intimately in what felt like a lifetime. It was getting close to midnight and it was time to go. On the ride home he placed his hand on my thigh and I nearly climaxed right there in his passenger seat. We pull up alongside my hotel and he parks the car. He slowly eases his hand up my dress until he finds the warmest place on Earth. He slides one finger gently inside of my Yoni, moving it in and out with deliberate skill. I can feel his eyes staring at me so I turn to face him. His eyes were dark and filled to the brim with passion. He removed his finger slowly in an effort to show me how much moisture I’d created in such a short time. He brought his finger filled with my love juices to his mouth and licked them off. His freakiness turned me on. Before I knew it, his head was between my legs. He pulled my panties to the side and gave me his tongue. He kissed my second set of lips as though they belonged on the face of his future bride with such passion and precision. His tongue plunged inside of me causing me to clench my legs so tightly I’m sure I nearly cut off his air supply. “Let me come upstairs and eat you out, then I’ll go home” I wanted to want to tell him no. But I just couldn’t. My entire body conspired against my mind and before I knew what was happening we were on the elevator. As soon as we walked into my hotel room he took off his coat threw me on the bed and buried his face between my legs. His beard tickled my sensitivity and drove me mad with pleasure. My body surrendered to him and I died 1000 little deaths. He emerged with my cream conditioning all the hairs on his face. He felt an ego boost giving me that orgasm, it was written all over his face. Just when I thought it was over he sat down on the floor, leaning against the bed and instructed me to mount his face. I eagerly obliged. Around an hour later he couldn’t take any more. “You got any condoms?” I chuckled, “No sir, and now its time for you to go home.” His immediate response was “You know you want this dick.”


With a sly grin I replied, “I’ll never tell, goodnight.” I walked him out returned to my hotel room and took off the remainder of my clothing. I blessed myself with a steaming shower got back into my moist bed and had the best sleep I’d had all year.


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