“Thank You for holding, how may I help you?”

“Thank You for holding, how may I help you?”


Everyday I see Him standing there

With his Chocolate self

I imagine he smells like Cocoa Butter and Ganja

He looks like his skin has been kissed by the sun

His smile brightens my eyes

Makes me moist Between my thighs


I fall into a daydream….

In this daydream we fuck until day becomes night

I find my climax upon his peak

Later I will brag to my friends that I set out to conquer Mt. Rushmore but instead it conquered me

I fantasize about licking him from his lips to his tip

I feel him swell in excitementhow may i help you

He is made comfortable in the warmth between my lips

Time has no authority in this prison of lust I have created in my mind

My creativity the warden every prisoner bending to my command

My prison has no bars and within its confines we are ironically free

I can will myself to do things I only secretly dream

I order him to his knees and mount his face

I’m riding his tongue and I grab his dreads hoping they guide me through this race

I can feel myself climbing … Brimming to the surface with pleasure

Rhythm is found and Beat is on it’s way

It’s almost time for my solo

I dig inside for all I’ve been holding back

I part my lips to release….

Let out my notes of sweet surrender…..

And…. The damn phone rings.

I open my eyes…

I’m at my desk…

Awoken from daydream turned wet dream…


“Thank You for holding…             How may I help you?”


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