Project Desire: “Desire in the Desert” – @itsmscoco

Project Desire: “Desire in the Desert” – @itsmscoco

It starts out as a soft haze

That thickens as the moisture increases…

There’s something on the horizon…

A slow rumble from somewhere far away…

Something is coming

Famine across the land

It yearns for the moisture…

Lightning Sunset

The ground opens slowly in anticipation of the rain

Please let the drought end

Days are dry and unbearable

The humidity of the night… teasing the land with moisture in the air

Will it come?

Started as just a thought

Creamed itself into a sweet dream

It’s almost reality

Body temperature rises

Muscles contract

The loins beg from within for a million tiny deaths

Dying for release

Thighs part slightly

Legs begin to shake

First lightning, then thunder and finally the rain

Fingers travel from valley to lips

How sweet the rain tastes

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