I Ain’t Leaving… till He Blesses Me (with audio)

I Ain’t Leaving… till He Blesses Me (with audio)

Someone told me I could find God here

and I’m not leaving till he blesses me

See I got big life issues and it’s stressing me

Lord I am tired

and my heart aches

I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to talk to you

because of my mistakes

but God life is drowning me and I don’t know how much more I can take

so here I am flesh and bone I stand

trying to be my own God but I’m only a man

I’m reaching the limits of my capability

I need healing for my mind but it’s outside my ability

so someone told me that I could find God here

said that if you couldn’t do it no one could

and that if you would heal me no one would

so here I am touch me

Please forgive my yelling I’m past polite request

and the patience in my heart died when I failed my last test

yes I’m failing….. failing at fighting and frightened by freedom

where are the bars of captivity when you need them

lock me up throw away the key

if this is where God is at then this is where I’ll be

and I will not leave till he blesses me.

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