Queens do Queen things ( Guest Spot by @MissB_Applebum ) #LifeInDuality

Queens do Queen things ( Guest Spot by @MissB_Applebum ) #LifeInDuality

Queens do queen things
But were in a world where
Bad bitches are the thing
And our men sing
That’s the only thing they like

Well if that’s what our men like
That’s what we become right ?


See what u like
And what I’m trying to appeal to
Are two worlds apart
What I’m tryna lead you to
I’m doing with my heart
Not getting attention
With my body partsqueens do queen things blog pic

And those who do I’m not knocking u
You know what & who you appeal to
But that’s another topic for another day
But anyway
What I’m tryna say

Embrace your queendom
Do what you know is right
Express yourself
And reflect your light

Do what you should
And don’t worry about
Who’s watching
For you know who you are
And you know your calling
Who you serve
And the purpose he called you 4

Stay in your lane boo
Those entertaining what they do
Are a world away from you

But express yourself
And hang with like minds
Because together we will all
Change the world
One king & one queen
At a time

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