#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Fantasies (Guest Spot by @CuzImAReinegade)

#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Fantasies (Guest Spot by @CuzImAReinegade)

Another Day at the Office

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Thomas walked into Danielle’s office promptly at 2pm carrying all of the documents she had sent him earlier. He placed the folders and a brown paper bag on the table then closed and locked the door. “Good afternoon Sir” Danielle started before she was interrupted by Thomas. “On your knees” he ordered. Danielle hesitated for a second before shifting in her chair. “Kneel!” Thomas demanded. Danielle got up from her desk and walked over to where Thomas was standing and kneeled, placing her hands flat on her thighs. “Good girl” Thomas replied as he began walking in circles around her. “For the life of me I can’t understand why you felt the need to talk back earlier” he started before cutting himself off to admire the curls in her hair. “You are so beautiful, so perfect, except for this mouth” he finished as he grabbed her chin and tilted it upwards so that her gaze was locked his. Danielle knew not to speak for it would only make things worse for her. She sat there on her knees waiting and watching Thomas’s every move.


Thomas pulled out a chair,  sat behind Danielle, and began to massage her neck and shoulders. He could feel the tension that had mounted there and worked at the knots diligently as he spoke softly to her. “I love you” he whispered. “I love you too, Sir” Danielle replied. “I knew the kind of stress that you were under with this upcoming meeting” Thomas started as he began unbuttoning Danielle’s blouse. He took her shirt off and placed it on the table. “This is why I asked you to meet me at two. So that I could tell you that I had it rescheduled so that we both could have more time to review the financials and attend the meeting together” he continued as he unhooked her bra and freed her breasts. “All you had to do was listen and follow directions. But nooooo, you wanted to give orders” he uttered, while tightly wrapping his hand around her throat. “You.Don’t.Give.Orders!” Thomas said through clenched teeth as he tightened his grip on Danielle’s throat. “Do you understand?” he asked. “Yes Sir” Danielle groaned, as the tightness of his grip didn’t allow for anything more. “Good” he replied as he loosened her throat.


“Get up, remove your skirt and your panties, but put your shoes back on” Thomas ordered. Danielle got up off of her knees and did as instructed. Thomas watched in reverence as Danielle undressed and was left wearing nothing but her garter belt, knee highs, and heels. “My bitch” he murmured to himself as he felt his dick getting hard. Thomas walked over to the table, retrieved the brown paper bag, and sat back in the chair. “Now you will be punished for your transgressions” he stated as he removed two pair of handcuffs from the bag. “Bend over my lap” Thomas instructed. Danielle did as ordered. After she was in position, Thomas handcuffed each of Danielle’s wrists to her ankles. “You have been a bad girl, and because of that you will be spanked until your ass is as red as the blouse you had on. Do you understand?” Thomas asked. “Yes Sir” Danielle replied.


Danielle took a deep breath in preparation for her spanking. She kept reminding herself that she was in her office and that she couldn’t yell too loud. Thomas raised his hand and firmly swatted Danielle’s behind. SMACK! Danielle gasped at the sting and prepared for the next one. Thomas started out slow, alternating cheeks with each lick harder than the previous. SMACK…SMACK…SMACK! After about 10 licks Danielle let out a groan. That was the response that Thomas was looking for. He began speeding up the swats and continued increasing the intensity. Danielle let out a yelp and tried to move her right arm before realizing that she was handcuffed and unable to move.


The sting from the licks were becoming unbearable, but Danielle was helpless. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the rhythm that Thomas had going hoping that it would take her mind of the pain. Danielle got lost in the rhythm and the counting of the licks and slowly the pain began to feel good. SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK! Each lick began to cause a tingle in Danielle’s sweet spot. She could feel herself getting moist. Before she realized it, Danielle let out a moan, and this caused Thomas to moan too.


Danielle could feel Thomas’s penis jump, and this turned her on even more. Thomas kept spanking her faster and harder, and with each lick Danielle got more and more turned on and moaned louder and louder. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! She could feel her juices pooling on the inside of her thighs, and the tension mounting in between her legs. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK…SMACK! Danielle’s pussy began throbbing, and she was on the brink of orgasm. Danielle began writhing in Thomas’s lap. She was trying to fight the orgasm, but it was too much. After two more licks Danielle violently orgasmed, her whole body shaking and pulling against the cuffs.


Thomas allowed Danielle’s body to come to a complete rest before inspecting his handy work. As he had promised, her ass was bright red and ladened with handprints. He pulled a small bottle of honey out of the brown paper bag, and began to squeeze the honey onto her bruised behind. He began to rub it in all over the bruised area, and Danielle could feel the coolness and tingling of the honey. Then Thomas took off his shirt, bent over, and began to trace where he had poured the honey with his tongue. The coolness of the honey and the warmness of Thomas’s tongue sent a tingle up Danielle’s spine and she let out a giggle. Thomas continued to drizzle honey over Danielle’s bruises, rub the honey in, and then tracing patterns with his tongue. Once again Danielle could feel Thomas’s manhood thump against her stomach. She smiled knowing that her Daddy was getting excited from taking care of her.


Thomas then took the honey and poured some down the crack of Danielle’s ass. He spread her legs, which caused her to spread her arms out, stuck his face in her ass and began licking up the honey. Danielle let out a moan as Thomas continued licking, now teasing her asshole. “Shit” escaped Danielle’s lips before she realized it. Thomas’s dick was now rock hard and firmly pressed against Danielle’s stomach through his trousers. He moved his head down even further to catch Danielle’s sweetness that was now oozing out of her honey pot. Thomas began sucking on Dannie’s clitoris, swirling his tongue around her mound. Danielle gasped at the warmness that was surrounding her mound. While his face was planted in her love nest, Thomas used his hands to free Danielle from the cuffs that still had her bound. He then grabbed a handful of her hair, stood her up, and then forced her over the table. Thomas unzipped his pants, pulled out his manhood and forcefully thrust  it into Danielle. She let out a loud gasp and moan as her body tried to accommodate him. “FUCK” Thomas exclaimed as Danielle’s walls welcomed him, and he found his rhythm.


Thomas grabbed Danielle by the neck, tightened his grip and pounded away at her sweet spot. This immediately made Danielle super excited. Once Danielle caught the rhythm, she started throwing it back at him.  SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK…SMACK could be heard once again, this time from their bodies colliding. “Yes, fuck me Daddy, PLEASE” Danielle begged as Thomas continued pounding away at her pussy. “You like being fucked like this?” Thomas asked. “Yes…YES” Danielle yelled out. “That’s my good bitch!” Thomas replied before licking his middle finger and slowly inserting it into Danielle’s ass. Danielle let out a shriek as she was caught off guard by Thomas’s finger. “Just relax baby girl” Thomas cooed as he matched the rhythm of his finger to the rhythm of his stroke, “Just relax”. Danielle allowed herself to feel both motions, and started to enjoy the feeling of having Thomas’s finger in her backdoor. “Mmmmm” she moaned, “make me Daddy’s bitch” she proclaimed as she started match Thomas’s rhythm once again.


Thomas removed his finger, grabbed his dick, and slowly inserted it into her ass. Danielle eyes got wide as she tried not to clench up and relax as Thomas was reminding her to do. Thomas was sure to take his time and be gentle until he got all of his manhood in. “Is baby girl ok?” Thomas asked. “Yes Daddy” Danielle replied. Thomas began slowly stroking Danielle’s ass. He had developed a slow rhythm, and Danielle had began to slowly match it. “Fuck! This tight ass!” Thomas bellowed. The slow stroke and the tightness of Danielle’s rear was too much for Thomas though. He was fighting the urge to cum, but it was building fast. “Shit baby, I’m about to cum” Thomas whispered. Danielle became a little more stronger with her thrusts “Yes Daddy! Cum for baby girl” she begged. Thomas released in Danielle’s ass. “FUCK!”, he yelled before he started moaning loudly, “MMMMMMM…MMMMMM….SHIT”.
Thomas collapsed onto Danielle’s back pinning her against the table. “I love you” he whispered again. “I love you too, Daddy” she whispered back.

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