#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires: Red Light Special

#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires: Red Light Special

I sit in the darkness and I think … I want her to touch me there.

Afraid to speak.
Red Light special 2
I change the music on my phone … Light illuminates the room

Briefly I’m paralyzed

I imagine what it would be like … Us getting lost in the kitchen

Enveloped in the lust

Bare asses caress marble counter tops … We’re tasting

Whipped cream so cold nipples peak
Chocolate syrup overflowing you can barely speak

Down to the tile …
Eagle spread

allow me to trace story lines up your thighs … I want to taste your honey

Syntax intact catalyst to your climax  the plot is my favorite part … Apart lips spread each ending a new beginning

Do you trust me?

Loaded questions my loaded loins care not for reason

Blindfolded, hand cuffed completely at his mercy. Anticipation … Destroy me I silently scream. A thousand tiny deaths as I come for him His voice commanding me

Away he sends me … The room of pleasure I guess it’s time to play

A live show my voyeurs seek
Their wish is my command red light special
Seductive  smile laced in red lips is in all that I stand. Surrounded by darkness I please them in my pleasing me… Four eyes and the red light of the camera staring back at me

He plunges … She dives … I ride… This the sport of lovers
I love to lose
first place is the last place I’d find myself if I choose
He comes first , then her next … The best we save for last … On my way … Almost there … The light invades my screams … I look around…  I’m alone… damn… Just another daydream

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