#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires Guest Spot by @KnowbodysTweets

#LifeInDuality Writing Project: Secret Desires Guest Spot by @KnowbodysTweets

“Honey” by Evan Mychal Smith

she never left her door unlocked

things do tend to change before long

closing it behind me, i called to her

still trembling from the cold shoulders

i reminded myself to be confident

to lose like a man, walk away with honor

the shine from her room lit up the smHoney blog pic for Knowbodyoke

i followed the clouds on the long walk

the pictures, the carpet, all the same

she was there, sitting sideways, relaxed

a glass of red wine sat on the nightstand

i didn’t feel my face, i was a ghost

small talk in the fog became heavy

she saw me hide myself from her

the feelings were hard as the handcuffs

her lips were softer than her thighs

squeezing my waist, my soul cried

hot tears escaped, i stared into her eyes

it was the same, there but absent

i felt absolutely everything and nothing

a smile, then a tear, then both I noticed

she touched my face and sighed

“Honey, is this the way you expected it to go?”

I knew it could only go one way.


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